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Whosits and whatsits?

Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting

This little shop was established in 2018 and is all about characters, parks & movies rings and accessories. Inspired by my love for all things Disney, I, designer and artist Coralys aka Cocó Rodríguez, design and make all the products myself with love, skill and care. My shop is based in Puerto Rico, the beautiful island where I live. Although I wish I lived a little bit closer to Disney World, getting there is just a jump away...

All the rings and accessories are perfect for Disney bounding, so if you take them to the parks, I would love to see some photos! Please tag Ring me some Magic! on social media using  #ringmesomemagic 

Thank you for all your support! And I really hope your day is magical!


Orders & Shipping Info

All rings are made to order. We ship to Puerto Rico & US. For International shipping, please contact me. All orders will ship out between 7 - 10 days. *Due to COVID-19 Lockdown it may take more time to process your order.*

Payment Methods

PayPal is the main payment method, but I also have ATH movil available for locals.

If you have any questions regarding any of the products, or suggestions, please contact me. I would love to hear from you! 


***All the intellectual property of our rings and designs are property of Ring me some Magic and the creator/ designer Coralys Rodríguez. The rings and designs are not affiliated with Disney nor any of their affiliates. All rights reserved.***

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